Резольвер типа VR Tamagawa TS2225N1014E199

Extremely Thin Shaped

Singlsyn has achieved smallest mounting space because of its extremely thin thickness as a built-in structure.

Wide Temperature Range


Robust for harsh Environments

Vibration : 196 m/sec2 (20G)

Shock : 980 m/sec2 (100G)

Humidity : 90% RH over

High Rotational Speed

30,000 min-1 (rpm) (Large diameter type : 12,000min-1) Min.

High Reliability

Singlsyn has the similar structure to electric motors but has high reliability because of no winding coil on its rotor.

Sensing Absolute Position and Velocity

According to connection to a R/D converter or Smartcoder,it is capable of converting analog output signals of Singlsyn to digital position (angle) signals. The position signals are transmitted as the absolute position within a range of electrical one cycle.

Low Cost

Especially low cost is realized by reducing the number of parts to 1/10 compared with conventional resolvers.