Бесщеточныq резольвер (FA-SOLVER) Tamagawa TS2158N21E63

Brushless resolver can be used for high accurate feedback of position and speed sensing, and pole detection of motor. Through their features of resistance for harsh environment and other reasons, they are used with motors for machine tools and robots, in steelworks.
We collectively call these brushless resolvers as FA-SOLVER®, and renewed their lineup to cope with a new FA era.


  • Wide temperature range
    Built-in type : -55∼+155°C
    Shaft type : -30∼+100°C
    Temperature compensation type (BRT): -10 ∼ +80 °C (For details, please refer to each individual specification.)
  • Superior environment resistance
    Vibration : 196m/s2{20G} at 10Hz ∼500Hz, for 2 hours to each of three axes.
    Shock : 981m/s2{100G} for 6ms, 3 times to each of 6 axes, 18 times in total
    Humidity : 90% RH or above at 60°C
  • High speed rotation
    Built-in type : 10,000min-1(r/min)
    Shaft type : 6,000min-1(r/min)
    Allowable rotation speed of some types may differ from the above values. For details, please refer to each individual specification. In addition, types exceeding 10,000min-1(r/min) are also available.
  • High reliability
    Resolver has the similar structure to electric motors but has high reliability because of no winding coil on its rotor. In particular, the built-in types are free from maintenance because ball bearings are not installed in them.
  • Absolute position detection
  • Long-distance transmission
    Robustness against noise enables long-distance transmission
  • Capable of compact incorporation
    The use of built-in types of Resolver minimizes housings of motors. Best suited for compact design
  • Multi-polar types are available.
    It is also possible to manufacture resolvers with a pole number responding to a pole number of a motor. They can respond to polar detection of AC motors and highly accurate motor control.
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