Компактный серводвигатель переменного тока TBL-iII Tamagawa TS4607

Optimal for industrial robots, press machines,machine tools, weaving machines.


  • Super-compact in size, yet this series of AC servo motors guarantees incomparable high reliability.
    *Compared with our conventional motors, this series achieved a remarkable downsizing by 25% (for 750W motors).
  • Our broad line-up allows customers to choose a product with specifications best suited for their specific needs.
  • Comes with the” Smartsyn” brushless resolver as a standard feature geared for servo applications that require high reliability.
  • Overseas industrial standards: Can be made compatible with UL and CE standards.
  • Setting time reduction: Reduces position setting time to half (compared with our conventional models) ‒ made possible by enhancing control algorithm.
Mounting Flange [mm]□40□60
Voltage [V]DC24
Output [W]3050100100100
Rated Torque [N・m]0.0950.1590.320.320.64
Maximum Torque [N・m]0.290.480.950.951.91
Rated Current [Arms]
Maximum Current [Arms]7.510.917.016.018.6
Rated Rotation Speed [min-1]3,0003,0001,500
Maximum Rotation Speed[min-1]5,0004,6003,6003,6001,900
Rotor Inertia[×10-4kg・m2]0.0130.0190.0350.0850.18
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