Серводвигатель большого размера TBL-iIV Tamagawa TSM3614

New servo motor with previous high accuracy and smaller size!

  • High resolution serial optical encoder(23bit available)
  • Small size (Top level in market)
  • Low cogging


  • Small size (Top level in market)
  • High performance, high reliable sensors
    High resolution serial optical encoder (17bit and 23bit)
    High durability (temperature, shock and vibration) resolver (Smartsyn)
  • Low vibration and low cogging
  • Power supply : AC200V(Standard), conformable to AC400V as well
  • Improved maintenance because of easy assemble/disassemble sensor
Mounting Flange [mm]□180
Output [kW]5.57.5
Rated Torque [N・m]26.235.8
Maximum Torque [N・m]65.589.5
Voltage [V]200400200400
Rated Current [Arms]34.318.446.423.2
Maximum Current [Arms]88.045.1119.857.0
Rated Rotation Speed [min-1]2,000
Maximum Rotation Speed [min-1]3,000
Rotor Inertia
With brake※47.963.6
Mass [kg]Standard16.820.6
With brake22.826.6
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