Серводвигатель с низкой инерцией TBL-iIVs Tamagawa TSM4202

Low inertia series with excellent acceleration especially for semiconductor manufacturing devices
Speedy and powerful
Quick reaction through low inertia and increased acceleration Max. 20% lower rotor inertia than our TBL-iII series
The peak torque is three and a half times higher than the rated torque.
Low noise and low vibration


※1 Combination with our driver.
※2 Including inertia of brake.
※3 The current in the table is calculated value with basic model.It is increased in case of a motor with oil seal.

Mounting flange [mm]□60
Voltage [V]AC200
Output [W]200400
Rated torque [N・m]0.641.27
Max. torque [N・m]2.244.46
Rated current [Arms]※31.82.8
Max. current [Arms]※36.09.3
Rated speed [min-1]3,000
Max. speed [min-1]6,000※1
Rotor inertia
With brake※20.240.39
Mass [kg]Standard0.91.3
With brake1.51.9
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