Система позиционирования (устойчивость к окружающей среде) Tamagawa TA4747

Smartcam System is an absolute type-position detection system equipped with electronic cam function. Sensors (Transmitters) of the system come with resolvers excellent in environment resistance or encoders with high accuracy and high resolution. Combining the sensors with converters, we provide you with highly accurate and reliable systems. Depending on the combination with the converter, three types; a 1 turn type, a multi-turn type, and a 1 turn/multi-turn switching type are available.


Over the past 70 years, we have been engaged in research, development, and manufacture of FA equipment such as Synchro, Resolver, Gyro, and so on.
Based on long-standing experience and a wealth of know-how accumulated through the production of control equipment for steel plants and water processing, we proudly propose a smart position detecting system” Smartcam”.
In addition to the conventional systems, Smartcam has new lineups equipped with absolute encoders for higher accuracy and resolution.
We recommend Smartcam, with confidence, as the right position detector that ensures you high reliability, safety, and labor efficiency.

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